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God, the demons are back? Again? Typical.

Take control of your life in this FPS-slash-pet-sim with procedurally generated levels. Give love to your pets while they use energy beams (and more!) to fight for you.



Can you feel them? The colors burning beneath your skin?

Splatter is a first-person fever dream where you blast constantly-adapting enemies into neon sprays of pulp and slime. Enter a digital mindscape constructed by four anonymous administrators.


We hope this invitation finds you well.

Murder at the Heron Hotel is a supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition that takes place in a sprawling fairytale hotel.



The grind never stops.

Developed for the 2020 7 Day FPS game jam, Meat Shift is a short horror game that takes place in the halls of a meat packing facility just after the turn of the 20th century.



A short anthology of four comics featuring haunting tales from the Hudson Valley.


Several zines that comprise some of the first projects sold under the Rat King name.

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